Fine jewelry

Fine jewelry

Portrait of the creator

Before embarking on creation, Marc-Arnaud Pavageau worked for the biggest houses in Place Vendôme for more than ten years.
“I have developed the requirement for a flawless quality of execution, and all this precision of execution which is the know-how of our noble French tradition that is the high jewelery” entrusts the young jeweler-creator.
Honor to this tradition, the creations of Marc-Arnaud Pavageau are all made in France.

Marc-Arnaud Pavageau is passionate and intends to share this passion with the greatest number. This online store is firmly in this desire to share discoveries and emotions.


Special orders & tailor-made products

A crush on a stone or the desire to give a second life to stones and jewels full of stories …. the special orders are often for the creative craftsman the occasion of beautiful encounters, borrowed from anecdotes and punctuated with emotions.


Stones of character

Gemologist by training, Marc-Arnaud Pavageau is a great collector of stones.
“Each stone is unique in its hue, its luminosity, the depth of its or its colors, the inclusions proper to each material, as well as the symmetry and the polishing of the size”


Unique pieces

“More than a jewel, the craftsman-creator summons the spirit of nature and its random magic, to work the beauty
of a single stone and make it a rare object, both personal and eternal”