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Marc-Arnaud Pavageau


Marc-Arnaud Pavageau proposes a brand new concept of gems market.
If this concept is known to professionals and great collectors, the general public generally has access to it.

Marc-Arnaud Pavageau, a gemologist, is a great enthusiast and collector of precious stones. Each new season, this connoisseur offers to open for sale a part of his collection on his site by honoring different stones, at exceptional prices. An appointment that will undoubtedly appreciate collectors or people who want to indulge in investing in stone.

Stone of the month :
the Saphire

the Saphire

Precious stones have always fascinated men. Sapphire is the divine stone par excellence.

The Persians even thought that the Earth rested on a gigantic sapphire whose reflections colored the sky in blue. From the family of ‘Corindons’, the Saphir sports absolutely all the colors, the blue remaining to this day the most known of the general public, the nuances of the blue sapphire vary according to its origin. The darkest blues often come from Australia, Vietnam or Thailand. While the most pastels can come to us from Sri Lanka, the intermediate blue says the “blue king” remains today the most popular. Sapphire remains, at equal quality, the least expensive stone of the four precious stones (diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald). But a sapphire (of good quality) from 15 carats cut starts to become a rarity.

Below these weights are more easily found. Marc-Arnaud Pavageau offers you here a selection of sapphires of very good quality, by their color, their brilliance, their size and their weight.


How to choose
your stone?

Indeed, there are alternatives to the stock market and other investment over the long term; investing in precious stones is one of them! They do not require thousands of euros in storage facilities. Gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires retain their value, they are attractive, and they are always in demand. The average rate of return on stones is usually the rate of inflation. Although there are cases where the yield is higher for a specific part. In relation to changes in the mining sector: For example, if the mines are exhausted, the stone becomes less available and therefore more precious and rare. Each stone is different as for example the diamond which affects its value. Also if there are many advantages to this kind of investment, it is advisable to be careful and choose your stone.

4 advices
to invest into the gem market

1. Ask for advice

2. Gemologist expertise

3. Diamond choice

4. 4C standard