The horlogist expertise

The horlogist expertise
Marc-Arnaud Pavageau

Watchmaking is a profession of art
which requires the precision of gesture
and mastering the infinitely small

Marc-Arnaud Pavageau’s watchmaking creations are a concentrate of the know-how of the jeweler-designer and gemologist: high precision, organic aesthetics, attention to detail, refinement of precious stones. Marc-Arnaud Pavageau expresses his creativity in his Espace Temps watch collection.

« The watch is the jewel par excellence of the man. Watchmaking has always fascinated me. We have in our team a specialist watchmaker, Sébastien, who has been able to transmit to me his passion for movements, whirlpools or pendulums, exhausts … and all these details that we never see « confides Marc-Arnaud Pavageau before pursue with fervor: ‘the desire to create watches has long been pursuing me until the day I met a manufacturer of watch movements working for major Swiss brands, cradle of quality watches.

Our collaboration gave birth two years ago, to the Man Collection Espace Temps. Since then, this collection has been enriched by new models, including a new line for women punctuated with diamonds and precious stones, an ode to beauty and femininity. But sometimes, I must confess, I take pleasure in blurring the masculine-feminine tracks, with lines of great sobriety, as with the brand new Damas watch which imposes with its intertwined curves a new elegance and depth « .